Grayson Joslin, a junior at New Castle High School, is the Editor of the Phoenix this school year. Joslin is involved in many clubs and activities in the high school, being part of Student Government, Renaissance, Quiz Bowl, Speech and Debate, Boys Basketball Manager, and class president during his high school career. Whenever he is not going to any athletic event and showing school spirit, Joslin lives a quiet life outside of schools, enjoying trivia game shows, playing video games, and reading. He also likes to spend his time trying to be a positive influence on his friends and peers. Joslin’s bucket list includes trying out for Jeopardy, travelling to the United Kingdom, and to (hopefully) become the first person to set foot on Pluto. After completing high school, Joslin wants to attend Ball State University, where he hopes to graduate with a major in political science and a minor in either education or communications and to become involved in public service.





Mackenzie Lewis is a writer for She loves to write and plans to stay on the newspaper as long as she can. Lewis loves to write and looks at writing as an outlet for stress. She likes to write about people or things she can research, learn, or something she can have her own opinion about and they are always her strongest stories. After high school Lewis wants to go to college for journalism to one day write for a big paper or a great magazine.

Lewis also plays sports. She is a cheerleader and a gymnast and always enjoys trying out new sports. 

Lewis is also a very clumsy person who tends to always find a way to trip over her feet. It doesn’t take much effort to fall down the steps but it takes a special something to fall up the stairs and by golly she’s got it. 

Lewis loves spending time with her friends and family. They have a special place in her heart and she always wants to be around one or the other. 



Jazmine Routin is a junior at New Castle High School. She has seven siblings. Routin loves art. She is from Stanford, Kentucky. Her dream job is the Air-Force. Her hobbies include painting, skateboarding, reading, and swim. Routin moved to Indiana about seven years ago. She has often been told she has “blonde moments”, her hair color is natural blonde.