Upcoming artist of 2016 to look for

Erin McCullough, Reporter

Just a few short weeks ago people rang in the new year. Already in this young year there are some artists on the rise, and a few new hits. It is always inspiring to see artists rise from obscurity to fame. It seems in this interconnected world that we live in artists can come from anywhere and capture the attention of a worldwide audience.

James Bay

    The first artist to watch is an upcoming indie rock artist named James Bay. The official website of James Bay describes him as  a “twenty-three year old  born in England; and a indie rock artist on the rise.” He has a new album that has already been released. Bay has another album to come in the near future. His style, a black fedora and long hair, will grab the attention of the audience. 

Senior Cody Atwell said, “James Bay is really unique in his type of music and has really nice vocals.” 

Ciuffi Rossi

    The next artists are the band “Ciuffi Rossi.” This Italian pop band that consists of brothers Alessio and Marco Bianchi sing covers, but are working on an album of original material. The duo has already released a single, “Biancastella;” a fascinating and catchy song that will make anyone fall for this band of brothers. 

Little Mix

    The next band is a group of girls named “Little Mix”. This pop quartet are fresh off the release of the new album Get Weird. The girls are all from the United Kingdom and met when they auditioned for the eighth season of “XFactor.”

Sophomore Xandra Neal said, “The group is quite interesting and the background music is interestingly unique for a group of girls.” 

Jacob Whitesides

A European artist to watch is 18 year old Jacob Whitesides. He first appeared on Disney’s well known show, “The Next Big Thing” (NBT). This show interviews upcoming artist to give them more publicity. According to the official website Jacob Whitesides, “Whitesides already has a hit song called “A Piece of Me” This song hit the top of the charts in the United Kingdom, Canada, Portugal, Australia, Brazil and France.” On YouTube Jacob has 355,848 subscribers and still going up. He is currently working on an album for everyone to hear his melodic voice. 


    The final songwriter and performer is Swedish artist “Roomie.” He is a YouTube sensation and has 1,046,898 subscribers on his main channel. His music is entertaining and catches the attention of the viewer. He is definitely an indie pop artist on the rise.