New Castle fifty-seventh Achievement Day

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September 30th will be New Castle High School’s Fifty-Seventh Achievement Day. In all, 83 students will receive an award for academic greatness. This includes twenty senior green jacket and commemorative ring achievers, twenty-seven senior crest and certificate achievers, and thirty-six junior certificate achievers.  Students, grandparents and parents of the students are invited to come and watch their loved one receive the award.

Jackets and rings are awarded for a 4.0 point average for six months. Crest and Certificates are for a 3.6667 to 3.9999 grade average; six semesters for seniors and four for juniors. Principal Chris Walker had many positive things to say about the jacket winners.

“The jacket winners (numbers are) pretty normal with the numbers with years past. But the number of Students with a 3.6 or higher is much higher than the last two years.” said Walker. Walker believes it is important to have this event because it honors the students. “It’s our highest academic honor, it allows us to reward our students for their sacrifice.”

A green jacket winner is someone who has kept a 4.0 GPA for six semesters. The jacket winners are Peighton Barber, Catherine Brock, Samuel Buck, Laura Clark, Madison Cunningham, Joe Garvin, Janessa George, Nathan Hacker, Eleanor Hamilton, Gabriel Hua, Jacob Jones, Gwendolyn Mathis, Shelby Mills, Michael Newby, Gabriella Perdew, Rebecca Pollock, Sarah Thalls, Cassandra Underwood, Tyler Willis, and Charlestine Webb.

One of the green jacket winners, George has been working for this goal since she was a freshman. “I had to put a crazy amount of work into getting a 4.0 GPA”. said George. She also manages a job at the YMCA. George said, “I have one goal, to get through high school.”

Senior Eleanor Hamilton, another green jacket earner, say being busy has helped her to manage her time. Hamilton participates in several choirs such as Choral, Red Hot Blues, and Jazz Choir. Hamilton also helps out with choreographing for the middle school Swing Choir. Hamilton is on the Academic Team for English and Fine Arts.

Jacket winner Brock said she enjoyed getting a 4.0 by taking classes that inspired her. Brock said that Hamilton really encouraged her to keep going and not give up. They have helped each other by getting together and studying. When Brock is older, she wants to study math and economics. Brock is in cross country, track, and the academic team.

Junior and certificate winner Noah Boggs said, “Getting good grades is definitely more difficult with extra activities (Boggs plays golf) but it is achievable. It is important to plan things out and use your time wisely.”

There is also the annual relighting of the Spirit Bowl, donated by the class of 1962. The Senior Class President Madison Cunningham, Student Government President Addison McKown, Senior Class Vice-President Samuel Buck, Senior Class Secretary Patrick Dalton, and Senior Class Treasurer Wyatt Jester are the lighters. McKown is very honored to be a Spirit Bowl lighter. McKown said, “The spirit bowl lighting represents many things to me. It shows the past present of our school coming together and how they always join as one, complete unit. The symbolism of the lighting means much to the community, our school, but also me, personally.”

James Pindell, a political writer for the Boston Globe that graduated from New Castle, is the speaker for the event. Pindell has worked for newspapers, magazines, television, and radio stations. He started his newspaper career at The Phoenix, the New Castle High School newspaper.

Administrators will be giving awards to the students. The New Castle Band and Chorale will be performing at the program as well.

These students have worked hard and made many sacrifices to be where they are today. They have showed that you too can be above what is considered normal. All you have to do is put hard work and concentration into it.

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New Castle fifty-seventh Achievement Day