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Technology Safety

Jasper Locke

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Technology has changed our lives in many wondrous ways and has paved a path of innovation. Since the dawn of humanity itself, the advancement of technology has been vital to our survival. Behind the harmless outward demeanor of Man, who lacks claws, talons, or teeth, is a product of excellence in the art of survival. Despite all the odds, humans have become the predominant intelligent inhabitants of Earth.

However, with this glorious triumph of mankind comes a multitude unfortunate shortfalls; for example, how many times has technology failed recently? It would seem that the problems of today overshadow those from a century ago. Today, entire nations could be debilitated with a hit where it really counts — their hard drives. Companies and governments alike rely on servers to keep information accessible at all times. This widespread use of computers creates national security vulnerabilities. These cyber attacks may not only affect countries politically but have direct consequences for the average Joe shopping online as well.

Evidently, the best solution for those who want to keep their personal information under wraps would be to completely avoid technology. It’s time to return to the better days before social media, kitten videos, and online banking. Today’s online world is so dangerous that shopping on a website for another worthless knick-knack could be the start of a debilitating career-ending virus. One misclick can land anyone into a trap of viruses, worms, and other e-diseases. Soon, everyone in your e-mail contacts list will know how much of a hoarding sap you are, despite your best efforts to keep that collection of kitten snow globes hidden in the part of your house only you know about. Even worse: these hackers absolutely can and will access a computer’s storage and saved passwords, making your accounts easy prey. The only way to avoid this is to give up the comforts of that hard porcelain fur and forget about the online world, effectively becoming a savage living off the cactus juice in the desert. Of course, one could always change their passwords regularly and always ensure they are visiting a trusted and secure website. It just doesn’t seem as fun.

With great strides, humans have reached triumphs once thought to be wholly fictitious. Today, one can simply click a few virtual buttons and have an elusive item placed on their doorstep within days or even hours. What most don’t realize is that behind this glimmering novelty is a dangerous path to destruction. It’s as they say: all that is cute but not fluffy must come to an end.


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Technology Safety