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As a way of starting school off with a little perspective, we conducted a survey of 153 Freshman of their opinions of NCHS in the first weeks as freshmen.

We asked the students what they considered the most difficult classes so far. The top three were the basic classes, Math, English, and Science. 22% of freshman think English is the most difficult, 26% believed algebra was the most difficult, and finally, around 28% believed that science classes were the most difficult. Some of the other classes included on the list are geography with around 9%, language classes such as Spanish or German at around 4%, and only 1% said that choir or band was the most difficult class.

The freshmen was asked what was concerned them the most about high school. Ninety-one students out of 153 answered that the most concerning thing about high school was finding their way around. Around 19 students  were worried about their ability to play sports in high school while 34 students were worried about teachers. Even one freshman replied that they were worried about being separated from a friend.

When asked what for a favorite part of school so far, over half of the class responded with ‘hanging out with friends.’ Twenty freshmen responded that their favorite part of school was the lunch, and another 20 said their classes were their favorite part of school. Some students even responded that they had loved everything about school so far.

Some popular sports the freshman want to join are track and field, baseball or softball, swimming, and basketball. However, around 59 students answered that they did not plan on joining any sports this year.

Finally, to close, Freshman were asked to say what they thought would be the best part of their year. Here are some highlights from the many responses we receieved.

  • “I think Mr. Hamilton’s class will be the best part of my year.”
  • “I expect to have a lot of fun in all the sports I’m doing this year.”
  • “I want to enjoy the sports, my classmates, and have good grades.”
  • “Honestly, I think the best parts will be going to the dances and meeting to people along with new teachers.”
  • “I think that band is going to be the best part of my year because I will be pushing myself beyond all limits and I am ready to go.”
  • “The best part of the year is seeing my friends that I haven’t seen in a long time.”
  • “I think the best part of the year will be how much responsibility we have.”
  • “I expect lunch and marching band to be the best part.”
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