Best Horror movies to watch for Halloween

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Whether you prefer slasher flicks or a psychological horror, one of the best ways of celebrating the horrors of Halloween is by watching horror movies.

Happy Death Day

A particularly new Halloween movie that just came out in theaters. Happy Death Day follows Tree Gelbman, Jessica Rothe, on her birthday. By the end of the night, Tree is killed by a killer wearing a babyface mask, only to wake back up on the same morning. She finds herself in a never-ending loop of death until she can stop the one killing her. The movie is a great way to start out the night, opting for a theater experience rather than a night on the couch.

The Adventures of Ichabod Crane 

This old Disney animated classic is an often overlooked gem that leaves you with a  feeling of fear. The story tells of Ichabod Crane and the legend of sleepy hollow. The movie follows Ichabod, the local school teacher of Sleepy Hollow. One night, Ichabod overhears the legend of The Headless Horseman, only to encounter it when on his way home. The Headless Horseman scene is one of the most well known Disney scare scenes, and the climax is a horrifying chase scene. Anyone who has seen this scene will always remember the horrified faces Ichabod makes throughout the scene and is definitely worth a quick watch.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

An argument could be made that this movie better represents the spirit of Christmas; however, the atmosphere at the beginning as the first song begins to play can inspire that nostalgia of going trick or treating at night. The stop-motion adds to the creepiness of the opening, with all the crazy and strange designs that could only come from Tim Burton himself. The music to the designs to even the characters themselves add to a great Halloween Movie.

Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation

Just recently released this week, Annabelle: Creation is the sequel to Annabelle. While the original was alright, the sequel was much better. The original simply followed a couple being terrorized by a possessed doll, but the sequel follows the “creation” of the doll, about how the doll became possessed and what happened to the first family that owned her. The movie has a few good twists and some genuinely great effects.

The Babadook

A movie more about psychological scares than jump scares, the Babadook is a modern horror masterpiece that presents a rather different movie monster. The plot follows Amelia, played by Essie Davis, who is a single mother trying to raise her 6-year-old son. Soon, her son begins to see a monster from a picture book his mother showed him, and Amelia begins to see him as well. The movie is fascinating and often focuses much more on the struggles of humanity rather than a cheap scare. Watch at night, and make sure to check the closet before going to bed.

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Best Horror movies to watch for Halloween