Fall Poetry Contest 2017 Winners

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First Place: Autumn Is in the Air

by: Freshman Caleb DeArmond

Autumn is in the air.

Dazzling colors are everywhere.

Orange, crimson, yellow, and brown,

There’s a festive feeling all around.

Cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin spice,

Homemade ice cream, and apple pie.

Bonfires crackling with friends so dear.

A feeling of peace is here.

Leaves shrivel and shake in the wind,

And soon the trees are barren and bleak.

The nights are brisk and air is crisp

As winter starts to take its grip.

Cicadas’ cackling begins to fade,

And the night is longer than the day.

A new season has begun,

But autumn is my favorite one.

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Second Place: The Leaves Fall Like Rain

by: Freshman Conner Wiley

The dazzled brown leaves

Fall like wet blue rain to Earth

The growing green grass becomes old and new

For every broken brown leaf comes fall

Forever and a day

And grows more

For leaves will die away.

Fall grows more like the sun

Rising in the morning day.

The colorful autumn gives a thrill to believe

While the falling leaves give a chill to me.

The cheerful autumn is some sight to see.

I see the decaying grass from afar.

While autumn is forthcoming

The dazzled leaves fall like rain to Earth,

And fall will begin to stay.

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Third Place: As the Cool, Crisp Wind Blows 

by: Freshman Emma Lawson

As the cool, crisp wind blows

The colors come alive.

Browns, reds, and oranges

They rustle in the soft, gentle breeze

Flaunting their autumn beauty

As they tumble and collect

On the cold hard ground below.

The rake swishes across the yard

Like the wind blowing across the sky.

Laughter from the children jumping

To scatter them once again

Rich with visions of autumn.


Plain Pumpkin by stevepetmonkey

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

by: Freshman Connor Ford

Winter, spring, summer, fall,

fall is the best one of them all.

Leaves gently falling to the ground

barely making any sound.

Reds and yellows and greens and blues,

let’s share this moment, me and you.

Fire from Glitch by anarres

Autumn Season

by: Freshman Raeann Garner

As the bitter wind howled,

I looked at the swaying crooked trees.

The teardrop shaped leaves were an ocean of color,

As if Picasso painted the greens, oranges, and browns himself.

As the bitter wind howled,

A brown squirrel scampered across the sandy ground

Crunching magenta and scarlet leaves as he scurried across

Into his faded bungalow.

As I watched the chilly world around me,

The sweet aroma of cinnamon filled my nostrils.

I drank my warm apple cider.

Autumn is as beautiful as the Aurora Borealis.

boots by drunken_duck

A Place to Remember

by: Freshman Ronnie Johnson

I close my blue eyes and allow my mind to remember.

As the cool autumn breeze flows through my long blonde hair

Like wind might flow through a bird’s wings,

I take a deep breath and can almost taste the new season round me.

The excitement is so real, and I can’t believe the time is here.

Oversized hoodies and cheering fans,

Warm bonfires and eating s’mores with my friends,

Carving pumpkins with my family and greeting trick-or-treaters,

Are all things I allow my mind to remember.

Large leaves lay on the lawn.

Colorful creations like those in my crayon box.

Making vivid images in my imagination,

And taking me back to a place I like to remember.

Corn by Almeidah

When Leaves Fall

by: Freshman Maddy Poe

Colorful leaves fall to the soft gentle ground.

Every color is different, unique,

And never the same.

Looking at the different colors

Are like looking at fruits

High above you.

Colorful leaves fall to the ground.

Lean green leaves fall every second

Of every day.

Every leaf whizzes and whirls

In the frosty air.

They tumble and twirl

All the way down.

With every tiny leaf

That falls to the ground,

You hear a soft pitter patter.

Soon all the leaves have fallen off the trees.

With the whirling winds and dark nights

The cold harsh winter

And it’s pearl white snow is approaching.

Hay package by cyberscooty

Fall is Here

by: Sophomore Arianna Callantine

Fall is here

Summer is gone,

say goodbye,

To the sunny sky.

Cooler but not cold.

Little Winter but no snow.

Colors dance from the trees.

No more bugs or bees.

leaves up to your knees.

Summer is gone,

Say goodbye.

Fall is here.

We all cheer.

Halloween is near.

Scarecrow by GDJ

What Fall Means to Me and the World

by: Sophomore Stella Tompkins

It’s the time of the year,

where we all get along.

Oh yes, it’s fall.


There are leaves falling, little kids laughing and getting candy,

and making jack o’lanterns to celebrate the fun of Halloween time of fall.

Fall is a great time of the year so let’s spend it together all of the fun of this year.


Not only that but falls also the time where we get along the most,

So let’s get along for the rest of our years.

From the leafs falling to kids laughing and jack o’lanterns to even eating with your family.


All together we must keep the fun times we spend around the world to the US

and all over the world not only where we are but to everyone else.

This is what fall means to me and the world so let’s spend fall all together as one big happy family.

Leaf Rake by bpcomp

Fall is One of My Favorite Seasons 

by: Sophomore Grace Patrick

Fall is one of my favorite seasons

To which I will give you many reasons

Leaves start to fall lightly down

Yellow, red, orange, and brown

Crunch is the sound you hear underneath your feet

When you open the door you hear trick or treat

Pumpkin Pie Slice by cgbug

The Leaves Fall 

by: Sophomore Shelby Goble

The leaves fall

The sun fades

A smile spreads across my face

The birds leave

To find a winter home

And with pumpkins and mums, I decorate my own

All year I’ve been waiting

And I’m still anticipating

The day called Halloween

Costumes galore

Candy of course

And a trick-or-treat bag on the knob of the door

As I go to sleep after counting sheep

There’s one less day until Halloween

I’ve done this for days

But awake I stay

For tonight is the night before my favorite day

The morning comes and I sit by the door

Impatiently waiting but smiling hardcore

It’s finally time

For these feet of mine

To run out the door and fill this bag with delight

I ring every doorbell and say trick-or-treat

Til my bag is completely filled up with sweets

I run home to eat

All my candy with glee

And I count down the days until next Halloween

Candy Corn 02 by Arvin61r58

The Leaves of Fall

by: Freshman Ben Hall


The leaves of fall, what can I say.

They are detailed and amazing in so many ways.

The vibrant colors that dance and sway.

In the wind, they dance in all sorts of ways!

They twirl and bend in the wind.   

It’s just so majestic how they fly.

They are breathtaking if nothing else.

Why I don’t understand,

Why they are not considered wealth.

For they are quite beautiful all the colors they bring.

When you see them you can tell it is definitely not spring.   

When I see them, all I do is smile,

For they only come once in awhile.

I love when they come, all the beauty and charm

Because I truly think they are nature in art form.

They dance and sway in the wind all day.

For what a time of the year is this!

What can I compare them to, I’m not quite sure.

Quite simply they are like a piece of art.

Crunch, crackle, the sounds of running through a pile of them.

It is a most amusing thing you can do with them   

That brings such beauty and all.

Well, what other time could it be but fall!

Apple Tree by sutrannu

The Leaves are Dancing 

by: Sophomore Jennifer Perry

The leaves are dancing

The trees are sleeping

The wind is singing here comes fall.

Autumn Leaf 4 by Arvin61r58


by: Senior Jack Turner III

Lots of colors all around, oranges, reds and some brown

Autumn time is coming to town

Lots of colors all around, oranges, reds and some brown

Summertime has come to an end, that does not mean you have to frown

Halloween coming, lots of things to see

Lots of colors all around, oranges, reds and some brown

Hurry and think of who you will be.

Lots of colors all around, oranges, reds and some brown

Autumn time has come to town.  




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