Ghost Party

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My family takes Halloween very seriously. They often treat it like Christmas; making cookies, decorations,and songs, among other things. This is what it is like in my household the day October 1st hits. It is covered in pumpkins and skulls scattered on shelves and tables. Spooky lights hung from the ceiling. The house favorite is the Halloween tree. A pine tree spray painted orange with Halloween ornaments and lights.

Tonight’s my slumber party, and I’ve never been so excited! Me and my friends were going to tell scary stories and call our crushes!

My father spent the whole night before to set up the house for the perfect Halloween party. I walked downstairs the next morning to see his creation. I saw Frankenstein, mummies, witches, and Dracula all in cookie form. All scattered on a “blood” covered platter.

“Cool shapes, dad! I love the vampire ones!” I said to my father. He grabbed it and took a bite and a cherry red gush oozed out the sides of the treat..

“It’s strawberry,” Dad said, his eyes glowing in the Halloween spirit. I chuckled at the sight of the mess across his face. “Gross! Is everything prepared for tonight?” I asked. “Sure is, pumpkin,” he assured me.

It was 7:00 pm after school, my friends will be arriving anytime, expect Cas, as she had volleyball practice. She wouldn’t get to the party until later. The doorbell rings and the sound of middle school giggles filled the porch. In my excitement, I ran to the door and let everyone in.

“Ron, Jo, Mary! I’m so glad you’re here!” I said as I embraced them. Laughter filled the room. Jo, a rather athletic girl with an attitude, pushed us apart “Guys lets get onto the scary stories! Then we can order a pizza!.”

All the girls were circled around my room, pizza slices in hand. To the left of me was Joanne, she yawned from boredom. To my right was childish Mary, clutching her teddy for dear life.

“Alright,” I said, breaking the tension. “Who’s going first?”  Joanne stood up, startling Mary and Ronny.

“Okay, here goes nothing.” She started it off. “Long ago there was a group of girls, just like us! Having a sleepover, talking about boys. One of them, the cool one, decided to sneak out and cause some trouble! They climbed out the window and explored the forest. They had heard stories about the scary wonders of this forest. But they went in anyways. They heard the sound of claws against trees, the leaves crumbling, small whispers….” Suddenly, a rattling noise rang through the house.

“Uhhhh… guys, what’s that?” I asked as all of us huddled together at the thought of someone or something being out there. Scratch Scratch Scratch. we heard coming from the window.

“Jessica!” Someone one from outside was calling my name. We all broke into  terrified screams. Someone was banging on my window!

“Dad, Dad! Help!” I screamed.

“I promised my mom I wouldn’t die!” Mary yelled.

“We’re not going to die!” Joanne replied.

My dad came barging in. “What in Dracula’s name is going on here?”

“Some-something’s in the window!” Ronny screamed out.

“Jessica let me in!” I heard again. But it was a familiar voice this time. We all realized the mistake we had made.. We opened the window and there she was. Cold and freezing Cas. My father gave her a blanket and wrapped her up in it.

“Your door was locked! No one heard me knocking so I decided to climb your tree and knock on your window!” We all laughed and we went downstairs to make her some hot cider.

“Ya know what?” I said.

“What?’ My friends asked.

“Maybe the purpose of Halloween isn’t scary stories or costumes. Maybe it’s spending time with friends and making hilarious memories.” I said as Cas sneezed.

“And catching hypothermia.” She  laughed.



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Ghost Party