Thankful this Thanksgiving

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Americans have celebrated Thanksgiving ever since the Plymouth colonies shared a meal with Wampanoag natives. Though most people already know this. So why is it still why is it still celebrated if hardly any natives are around and there are no longer pilgrims?  Thanksgiving is still celebrated because the tradition has been passed on. It is a holiday where Americans come together with their families and feast on the bountiful harvest of the season.

What are traditions and why would someone have them? Traditions are something that family and friends share an activity or a recipe. They keep being passed down because it makes the holiday more personal and fun.

Freshman Hailey O’Hara said, “I celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and we eat turkey and good food and I celebrate Thanksgiving because I’m thankful for my family and my food and the roof over my head and the heath in my body.”

Sophomore Justice Scott said, “I celebrate Thanksgiving because my family does and because I’m thankful for many things like my dog, my family and friends and my boyfriend. All my family comes over and have a big dinner and really catch up and spend time with each other.”

Junior Layla Holland said, “When you celebrate Thanksgiving you are giving thanks for the good things that have happened in the past year. Our traditions are my family coming together to have a big meal.”

Senior Ty Logan said, “I celebrate Thanksgiving to give thanks for everything in my life. I am thankful  for my friends and family because they have been there for me through rough times.”


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Thankful this Thanksgiving