Organization tips for starting 2018

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As the new year is getting kicked off many people have made resolutions for their goals they want to finish this year. Whether it is to stop forgetting about assignments or to compile their schedules of their after-school activities, numerous students made their resolutions to be more organized. Here are some tips for getting on track.

Joplin Clements, an NCHS junior, says, ”Don’t put things in the wrong folder because you’re most definitely not going to remember where you put them and label everything.”

This a great tip for people always rush to put things in their bags at the end of class and end up losing papers because they slipped things into the wrong folder.

Presley Cole, an NCHS junior, gave this tip for keeping school work together, “Highlighters and folders help you remember where everything is located.”

One might even use their study halls or free time to look at the contents of the folders to make sure everything is in the right one.

While those tips help at school, here are some basic ways of getting even the most cluttered students home lives organized as well as their studies.

Starting small can make organizing an entire room or house a much less ominous task. To begin decluttering, it’s great to start with small tasks such as collecting all the empty hangers in a closet and setting them aside on the rack or by organizing a bookcase by grouping the series.

Keep the desk menagerie to a minimum. Keep surfaces minimally cluttered by only keeping what you need on them is a way to keep down on the mess. While also having drawer inserts keeping the other objects organized inside the desk from moving about.

One might even use an upcoming event to get them organized. Planning a party makes them want the house clean for guests. Moving makes them have to sort everything. While having a yard sale not only makes them have to organize what they want to sell but it also makes them get rid of those things not used.

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Organization tips for starting 2018