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As the School year comes to an end a juniors worst nightmare or a long-awaited ticket out fast approaches: College. The search for what people want to do for the rest of their lives can be a monstrous task, but it does not have to be.

The best place to start is at a college’s website. Sites for colleges give information on classes, prices, and extracurriculars. The website can also provide information on tuition costs, but be careful of hidden fees, such as textbook costs and meal fees.

One of the best and easiest ways to learn about a college is to ask someone who went there. Talking to those who have gone to college can be helpful to unearth the truth about certain things, such as what classes are the best to take what year, the best time to have classes, and even what extracurricular activity was the most fun for them.

Luther Prater, the Preparation For College and Careers Teacher, gave this advice for students planning on going to college. “Visit as many colleges as possible. Make plans for the cost of colleges.”

College tours are a great way to get a layout of the campus. These tours can also give you more information on where classes and recreational areas are. This can also be a great time to check out on-campus housing.

Make a list of colleges and some points about each. This might seem unnecessary but it’s a great way to organize the pros and cons of each college one might consider.Ask teachers for recommendations they could have information on more colleges to consider.

Carmela Lopezfilio, an NCHS junior, said, “I made a list of colleges and I’m being stubborn about them.”

When people talk about colleges at school, use the opportunity to learn more about how to get prepared! Get information on what classes would make you look good to certain colleges and what classes would not be necessary to prepare for a major.

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Junior college search