Quick Tips For Getting a Summer Job

Emily Guffey

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With summer nearly upon us, many students are thinking about making some cash through a summer job. It may seem difficult to find a job, but there are a few good tips that could help a student land just the right job.

  1. Write up a Resume / Cover Letter

A simple and important step for getting a job is writing out a resume and a cover letter. A resume is a summary of what all a student has done in their life so far. Some important things to include is past work experience, qualifications for the job, and what makes the student the best choice for the job. It also helps to include hobbies, school activities, and maybe any awards you have received at school. A cover letter is like an introduction and is much like a summary of the resume.

2.  Look For a Job You Enjoy!

This is extremely important when looking for a job. Do not allow the lure of money to overshadow job satisfaction. A student should focus on jobs they find interesting, not the one that pays the most. It may pay more, but may not last as long, due to unhappiness.

3. Dress To Impress!

Interviews are extremely important when it comes to getting hired. This is often where a manager makes their decision on whether or not to hire a student. Wear nice clothes and make sure to be as clean as possible. When in the interview, always maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Listen to everything the interviewer has to say, and try to chime in when necessary. Try to ask questions to the interviewer, such as “What benefits can I have?”, “What would I be required to do?”, and “What are you looking for in an employee?” Always thank the interviewer after the interview is over, as it is a nice gesture that can leave the employer with an overall positive feeling towards you.

4. Have Good References!

References are almost like the final defense when it comes to getting a job. References should be A) Easy to reach, B) Have a very good opinion about the job seeker, and finally C) they should be respected like a former boss, a teacher or a family friend. Always take the time to tell the reference about the job search beforehand, so that they are prepared and are not taken off guard.

5. Beware Social Media!

In our new technology-driven world, anyone and everyone can access anyone’s social media profile. When looking for a job, be mindful of what’s posted on social media. An employer will check to see what a student has posted recently, and if they do not like what a student posts, then they will not hire that student. Perhaps staying away from social media or being extremely careful what’s posted could help get a student a job that they enjoy.


Remember these quick and easy tips and a summer job may be just around the corner.

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Quick Tips For Getting a Summer Job