The Five Wonders of New Castle High School

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New Castle High School holds many secrets and interesting facts that much of the school does not know about. As a senior, I’ve decided to pass down what I have nicknamed The Five Wonders of New Castle.

1. The Journalism Room

A room left abandoned from lack of use. The room is a mess with papers thrown all around, and there are reports of sweet smells and screams of agony coming from the room. These are often reported around 1st period, though there have been reports of noises being heard during 7th hour. Legends say that those screams are the cries of agony from past Newspaper reporters who missed their deadlines. There are variants that say, instead of many reporters, there is only one lone Editor, attempting to lure curious students to their doom.

2. The Garden Statue

A student walking around the front of the school is bound to notice the statue near the art department. The statue depicts lips, eyes, and other such body parts thrown around in random places. Why does this statue stand before NCHS? It is often assumed that it was just some other student’s art project, left to be displayed for all other students to make sense of. However, the truth is that the statue has a spell on it, though not in a way often seen. For whoever puts their hand through the center eye will be blessed with good luck on their next test.

3. The Breezeway Ghost

This is perhaps the most popular wonder here at New Castle High School. Gaining popularity this year after a security camera caught him on tape, Omar the Ghost has quite the history here at NCHS. Omar has been spotted off and on for the past 50 years, even showing up in some old yearbook photos. No one knows what led to Omar’s haunting of the Breezeway, but we know that it had something to do with Bundy auditorium and a freak accident.

4. The Fieldhouse Runner

Another interesting ghost here at New Castle High School is The Fieldhouse Runner. Students who travel through the Fieldhouse when there is little to no one there reports the sound of a runner doing laps around the track. While no one has found this mysterious runner, some say it is a past track team member, doing relays around the track in preparation for the meet that will never be able to attend.

5. Mr. Wessler

Mr. Wessler, the immortal teacher, has been teaching here longer than any known human would teach for. He’s somehow able to stand being around students, even the most annoying. Mr. Wessler always delights in telling stories and being told stories about others. He is truly the most wonderful and greatest teacher here at New Castle High School.


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The Five Wonders of New Castle High School