Senior crest winner- Melissa Main

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Senior crest winner- Melissa Main

Elysa Kennedy

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What elementary school did you attend?

West Wood Elementary.

Who or what has inspired you to earn this achievement? Why?

What inspired me to earn this achievement was that I wanted to better myself academically.

Where are you planning on going to college?

I plan to attend college at Vincennes University.

What do you think you would like to major in?  What career(s) are you considering?

I would like to major in Business.
A career as a cosmetologist interests me the most.

Do you have any advice for other students who may want to earn their green jacket?

Advice I would give to other students who are looking to may want to earn a green jacket would be, to not to give up when school starts to feel overwhelming and to keep striving to achieve their goals no matter what.
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