Welcoming Our New Principal

Conner McCormick

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Kirk Amman has been with New Castle for 5 years now. This is his first year as our new principal and he’s ready to bring a new wave of Trojan Pride and Spirit.

Originally from Cincinnati Ohio, Amman moved to Muncie during middle school. ¨Moving in Middle School can be hard,¨ said Amman. Later in his life Amman would actually teach at Muncie Northside and Central as a history teacher for 15 years. ¨I had great teachers in High School that motivated me,¨ said Amman, ¨great coaches too.¨ Eventually Amman would go on to become the Vice Principal of the Middle School.

¨I knew I wanted to do something else with education,¨ said Amman, who would become the Principal of the Middle School and then the Principal of the High School in a span of just two years. ¨it was very exciting¨ said Amman, ¨I was surprised it happened so quickly.¨

Amman´s new job as principal is very ¨fast-paced¨ and ¨no two days are the same.¨

¨I take great pride and am aware of the traditions and responsibilities that come with being a principal of NCHS,¨ said Amman, ¨I am very happy to be here and we want to accomplish great things here.¨ As our new Principal, Amman has some big plans for the High School and its students, ¨I want to build a culture and school climate where students feel safe and motivated to learn up to their potential,¨ said Amman.

He also wants to bring the attention back to the students, ¨People are more important than programs,¨ said Amman ¨never forget that.¨

Out of school, Amman usually stays busy with his new position and his kids, who ride horses and play sports, but likes to go on small trips, too. ¨I like to travel¨ said Amman ¨I used to travel a lot.¨

He also offered high school students some advice, ¨Get involved at NCHS, build time management skills, learn with intensity, and enjoy each moment because high school and life go too fast.

It would seem that we have a lot to look forward to this years with all of the new staff. I hope that all students will help all of the new staff adjust and wish them a very warm welcome.

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Welcoming Our New Principal