Winter Poetry

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by: Baden Bond, 9


I like to have snowball fights.

No one likes cold weather, but me!!

Trembling from the cold snow, but

Excited for all the fun!!

Rockin-N-Rollin’ into Winter

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Wintertime is a Tradition

by: Samantha Ward, 10

Wintertime leads to semester break

Wintertime means to bake holiday cake

Wintertime leads to ice skating on a frozen lake

Wintertime means to peacefully awake

Wintertime means being with the beloved

Wintertime is about being loved

Wintertime is when we rise up

Wintertime is about believing in the above

Wintertime means Christmas

Wintertime is for the miracles you´ll witness

Wintertime is for forgiveness

Wintertime is a tradition

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Winter Days

by: Sara Espiritu, 10

Peek out the window

See all the snow

Jump up and down

Call some friends that you know

Grab all of the clothes

So that when the wind blows

You´ve bundled and warm

Without frostbitten toes

Meet all of your friends

Make a grand plan of fun

Mold snowballs and fight

Till the battle is won

You could sing carols

Or build some snowmen

You could make angels

Then do it all again

Once your fingers are numb

You can all head inside

Then sit by the fire

Till your clothes are all dried

These´s so much to do

On a cold, snowy day

So let´s go outside

And let winter wash

Our worries away

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