Volleyball With Melani Shaffmaster

Grace Patrick

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Melani Shaffmaster was named “Gatorade Player of the Year” for the volleyball season in the year 2018. Shaffmaster described herself as “Calm, aggressive, hard-working, competitive, and strong-willed.”

For Shaffmaster when high school volleyball is over she starts travel volleyball until high school volleyball begins again.  “Volleyball season is never over.” said Shaffmaster.

She starts travel volleyball in November until the end of June. At the beginning of July high school conditioning starts.

At every game Shaffmaster gives it her all. Shaffmaster said, “I try my best in every game even if I’m only at 80% I give all of my 80%.”

Shaffmaster’s top influencer and mentor, her club coach Mike Lingenfelter, helps her get through her volleyball seasons.

“I have been blessed to play under the coaching of some of the best coaches in the country.” said Shaffmaster.

Shaffmaster’s teammates have made it a very excellent and unbelievable experience for Shaffmaster. The volleyball season has been a great and fantastic season.

“I have been blessed the play with some of my best friends in my life at school ball,” says Shaffmaster, “ I could say winning is what makes it amazing, but what makes it amazing is the friends, family, and coaches that have made me the player I am today.”

An interesting ritual she does before every game is that she drinks an orange Fanta soda and eats a blue ring pop.

Shaffmaster may not be playing high school volleyball for very long, but she’s planning on playing volleyball in college. She has devoted to continue her volleyball at the University of Minnesota in 2020, but she will be going a semester early and arriving in Minneapolis in January of that same year.

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