Student government gives back to community

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Student government gives back to community

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Student Government has been a part of New Castle for many years now. This year it has a brand new teacher running it, Sharri Lund, who has already shown how Student Government can give back to their community by working with the Youth Opportunity Center.

Very recently, Student Government has worked with the Youth Opportunity Center to donate items to True Harbor, a program ran by the Y.O.C. This is the first time that Student Government had worked with True Harbor. The program is based in Muncie and serves as a residential program for adolescent female survivors that vary from ages eleven to eighteen. ¨I felt good about what we were able to donate and give,¨ said Lund. Some donations that Student Government provided include: Blankets, Chapstick, and Body Spray. 

¨We had been trying to donate all year,¨ said Lund, ¨We were just waiting for the opportunity to come up.¨

The donations were made before Christmas, which had some influence on getting the donations as soon as possible. ¨I felt bad for the girls because of the holidays,¨ said Lund, ¨As a parent I felt bad that they wouldn’t be with their family.¨

Grayson Joslin, a student involved in Student Government said, ¨Student Government helps you get involved in your community.¨ ¨I have always liked to be involved in helping people,¨ said Joslin.

Lund says that Student Governments next event is ¨raising money for Riley.¨ They are going to use fundraisers such as spirit week and a Powder Puff football game. Lund also says that ¨We have a goal of ten thousand right now.¨ Participate in those fundraisers to help Riley and Student Government.

If you would like to donate towards Tru Harbor, please contact the Y.O.C. You can also make an online donation, its a minimum of five dollars for a one-time donation. All you need to search is, donate to tru harbor, and the very first site should be it.

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