Student Profile- Colin Holcomb


NC Phoenix has interviewed Colin Holcomb, who is a senior here at NCHS. We got to know him a little better with these questions.

What is your full name?- “My full name is Colin Allen Edward Holcomb.”

What is your favorite color?–  “My favorite color is red.”

How many siblings do you have?- ” I have three siblings, one brother, one half-brother, and one half-sister same biological mother but different dads besides me and my brother Ryan. My half-sisters name is Meghan, I haven’t seen her since i was about twelve years old. My half-brother I’ve never seen.”

If you could travel anywhere in the world where w?- ” If I could travel anywhere in the world It would be Paris.”

What is your favorite candy?- ” My favorite candy is Kit-Kats.”

What do you want your career choice to be once you graduate and why?- “My career choice is to be in law enforcement after I graduate because its always been a dream of mine and I just want to help people.”

What is your favorite sport and why?- “My favorite sport is baseball because its always been in my life and helped me release my anger and frustration.”

What is your favorite subject and why?- “My favorite subject is U.S History because you learn a lot about what happened in the past and what other people sacrificed for everyone.”

Who is your role model?- ” My favorite role model is my grandfather because no matter how bad things get he is always looking at the good side of things and treats everyone with respect.”

What is your favorite drink?- “My favorite drink is a Arizona Mucho Mango fruit juice cocktail.”

What is your favorite animal?- ” My favorite animal is a polar bear. ”