Spring is the in the air and poetry is in our heads….


The Perfect Spring Day.

By Lane Bell


Springtime holds magnificent things

Plucked straight out of a dream.

Splendid butterflies flutter in the daylight

While extravagant fireflies distract the moonlight.


Springtime holds evening skies

That have colors much like a leaf covered sidewalk during the fall.

The tapping of the rain

And the bang of the thunder is a tranquilizing lullaby during the night hours.


Springtime holds fluorescent, fascinating, flamboyant flowers

That dot bright green fields like a leopard’s spots.

Bold songbirds sing wonderful tunes

From the swaying tree branches.


Springtime holds starry nights

Like drops of milk in black coffee.

The pleasant, springtime air puffs through your hair

And you feel like the world is nothing less than a perfect place.


Beautiful Thunder

By Conner Wiley

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Thunder booms through the spring night.

Lightning crackles revealing the gray sky.

Rain pours the tears of the gods.

Wind howls the cry of the Earth.

The night goes on with a scary fright

Waiting for the sun to shine so bright.

The Earth feels like it is going to split.

The ground is as wet as a great lake.

Trees shake in fear of the storm.

Animals cower afraid to move.

Houses croak trying to set themselves free.

Oceans rage wars with one another.

Clouds of ash cover the starry sky

Revealing no light from the heavens above.

It is one terrifying spring night.

Beautiful thunder roars showing its might.

Thunder booms through the spring night.

Lightning crackles revealing the gray sky.

Rain pours the tears of the gods.

But somehow everything will be all right.    

Stay Longer

By Miulin Dupart

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The Sun’s blinding bright light finally

Comes out after the dark, bitter winter.

The warmth from the Sun’s rays

Seeps into my skin making me tan

And my cheeks red from its embrace.

Stay longer.


Flowers pop up gold

Being as lustrous as a precious nugget,

While others white as fresh milk.

Yet all of them with the sweet smell of honey.

Trees full of leaves

Displaying their bright greens

And the wind whispering

Drafting through the new, shiny leaves.

Critters awaken and

Yawn from their long sleep,

Already scavenging for a

Proper meal to eat.

Stay longer.


The cheerful tunes crimson birds make

And the darkest of birds harmonize together.

The sky is a sapphire filled

With white crumpled balls of paper

Floating, flying.

How I wish this would stay,

The feeling spring gives me!

Please, stay longer.


When Spring Begins

By Kyla Hicks

When the snow melts,

The sun starts to shine.

When the birds begin to sing their cheerful songs,

When wind starts to whisper

Through the newborn leaves of trees,

This is when spring begins.

When the flowers waiting frozen in the cold

Bloom bright yellow, orange, and red

As bright as the sun.

When skies become brilliant baby blue,

When the clouds, white cotton,

Form shapes in the sky,

This is when spring begins.

When the sun heats up the Earth,

And breathes new life into everything.

When animals awake from their cold slumber,

This is when spring begins.


The Coming of Spring

By Grayson Joslin


The lemon sun shimmered on the backdrop

Of a cobalt sky and pearly clouds.

Schoolchildren capered and beamed

Like the radiant sun above their heads.

Mothers and daughters farmed plants,

And fathers and sons engaged in sports.

The olive grass reaches for miles

On an ocean of crisp soil ready for the season.

The frost of the winter months

Was now dismissed by springtime making its presence known.

Spring transpired in the place of winter

Replacing dejected frowns with gleeful smiles.

The hummingbirds hover now,

And the squirrels scamper across the street.

The season has transformed,

And spring has removed any inferior mood.

The season for snowfall and distressing moods has concluded,

And the season of sunshine and jubilant moods has begun.


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By Blake McKown

The blistering cold of winter is out.

The great green grass shaven to a tee.

The boys are finally doing what they love;

It is the most wonderful time of the year.

The baseballs are flying like chimney sweeps.

They are soaring as planes.

They are in the gaps

And down the line.

The gloves popping

And the bats cracking

For it is the most wonderful time of the year.

You see the speck of the ball

In the sea of the baby blue sky

Rocketing down from the heavens

And into your fresh mitt.

Baseball season is here.

It is finally back.

The thought of springtime

Brings the most wonderful time of the year.