Senior Ring Recipient: Andrew “Drew” Nelson


What/Who was your inspiration for taking on this challenge? Explain.

My grandfather. Because he always pushes me to try my hardest in school, and would always help me prepare for quizzes and tests.

What extracurricular activities (sports, job, etc) do you participate in and how do you balance those activities with your school responsibilities?
Marching band, indoor percussion, cross country, track, quiz bowl, social studies academic team, NHS. I balance my grades and these activities by not really playing video games or watching tv at home, but instead working on homework and studying.
What was the most difficult obstacle(s) in achieving this goal?
The most difficult obstacle in obtaining this goal would probably be just always staying motivated to strive for perfection, and not accept anything less.
What are your future goals for after high school?
My plan after high school is to attend Purdue University to study Pharmacy, and graduate from there with my Doctorate.