Senior Ring Recipient: Connor Evans


What/Who was your inspiration for taking on this challenge? Explain.

I never saw it as a challenge as much as being an expectation. I’d always gotten good grades and if I got anything below an A my mom would express her concern. Plus, my grandma will give money based on report cards, so that’s a nice bonus incentive.

What extracurricular activities (sports, job, etc) do you participate in and how do you balance those activities with your school responsibilities?

I am in Jazz Band, Quiz Bowl, NHS, Chess Club, and two academic teams. It’s not very tough to balance school responsibilities with these activities because they only meet once a wee. However, a lot of my time is taken before and after school for meetings.

What was the most difficult obstacle(s) in achieving this goal?

The most difficult obstacle in achieving this goal was the spinal fusion I had near the end of the first semester my sophomore year. I was out for about a month of school, and catching up on what I missed was very difficult. Even when I was allowed to start attending school again, I had to start at just 2 periods a day, and gradually go back to attending full days. So even though I was technically back at school, I was still missing a lot of work. It was a very tough period, but I managed to make up what I missed, get caught up, and maintain my grades.

What are your future goals for after high school?

Attend college and get a degree in engineering.