Senior Ring Recipient: Cooper Rusch


What/Who was your inspiration for taking on this challenge? Explain.

My inspiration is my parents. They have always pushed me to challenge myself and to hold myself to the highest standard. Seeing how their hard work has provided me with the opportunities it has, it inspires me to work hard to do that as well.

What extracurricular activities (sports, job, etc) do you participate in and how do you balance those activities with your school responsibilities?
I play football, basketball, and run as a partner on the unified track team. I am a member of the National Honor Society, Student Government, FCA, and am also the president of the Renaissance Club. I just plan out all the activities I have in a day and prioritize the things I need to get done.
What was the most difficult obstacle(s) in achieving this goal?
Balancing all the activities I have, and dealing with the stress of not having any free time.
What are your future goals for after high school?
I plan to attend college to study biology, under a pre-med track, and hope to go to medical school. I would like to be either an anesthesiologist or an orthopedic surgeon.