Senior Ring Recipient: Sarah Gerth


What/Who was your inspiration for taking on this challenge? Explain.

My parents gave me inspiration to achieve this goal because they are very hardworking people. Along with that, I have always been one to push myself and to work hard. I want to learn new ideas and concepts so I am able to be a better, well-rounded person.

What extracurricular activities (sports, job, etc) do you participate in and how do you balance those activities with your school responsibilities?
I participate in National Honor Society, Student Government, English Academic Team, and Science Academic Team. I play soccer for the New Castle Girls Soccer Team and a club located in the Noblesville/Fishers area called Indy Premier. Over the summer I worked as a lifeguard at Baker Pool and am currently working as a lifeguard at the YMCA.
What was the most difficult obstacle(s) in achieving this goal?
The most difficult obstacle was time. With all of my extracurricular activities and traveling for soccer, time was a major issue. I had to do homework in the car on the way to games and practices. I had a lot of late nights because of homework and studying.
What are your future goals for after high school?
After high school I will go to college and major in biology on a pre-med track.