Mystery Teacher #4 Mrs. Taber

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Mystery Teacher #4 Mrs. Taber

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The Phoenix has interviewed one secret teacher and we are asking the students of NCHS to attempt to guess this mystery teacher

How tall are you? 70 inches
Where were you born? Royal Oak, Michigan 
What college did you graduate from? Albion College, Butler University
What do you like to do with your free time? Sew quilts and genealogy research
What is your favorite place to go to and why? Fabric store – relaxing, covers all the senses, in beauty, creativity, potential
Did you play any sports in your youth? Backstroke on our swim team, also was a Manatee on our Water Ballet (synchronized swimming) team
What is one interesting fact about you? I was the very first drive-through girl ever at Steak’n’Shake.
What other schools did you teach at before moving to New Castle? HSE, Cathedral, Muncie Central, Franklin College (few others)
What is your favorite part about teaching at NCHS? Students and their various personalities, my colleagues and administrators, friendliness of all!!
Do you have any pets? Two kitties
What three words would you use to describe yourself? Stubborn, detailed, determined
The first student to correctly guess the teacher will get a candy bar. Email your guesses to Kelly Gant, Grayson Joslin, or Kenzie Lewis.