Painting creativity in art club


Mackenzie Lewis

New Castle High School has many clubs that attract students from all walks of life. Art Club attracts the creative people in the school. Art Club has many creative people and people have many different reasons for joining. For some people art relaxes them and their minds, for others it could be something they are really passionate about, or maybe it’s just a fun thing they enjoy doing. No matter what it is this club is very artistic and interesting. “Art and creating art is very good for the soul. I see this in my students as well,” said teacher Kelly Ruhl.

Art club works hard at every meeting to create masterpieces. They meet 1-2 times a month to work on their projects. This year alone, they have made paper mache pumpkins, and they are currently working on decorations for this year’s Fall Dance. “In Art Club we have done many types of projects over the years.  We have done murals and sculptures to beautify the school as well as fun “create and take” type projects.  I usually get input from the officers about what types of activities they would like to do for the year,” said Ruhl.

Ruhl sponsors the Art Club and teaches art classes at New Castle High School. She has sponsored the Art Club ever since she has been teaching here. She also used to teach the various elementary schools in New Castle Community School Corporation, such as Eastwood Elementary School. In an interview with Ruhl we asked what made her so passionate about art, she went on to say “my passion for art comes from how art makes me feel.  I tell my students to choose a path in life that they are passionate about and their career will always be enjoyable. I am blessed to have picked the right path for me.” 

Art club is a very creative place to be and a wonderful environment to be in for artistic people who love to create different pieces of art. Keep creating and have fun!