What Are You Thankful For This Year?


Jazmine Routin, Writer

Freshman Ian Bailey: Life

Freshman Wyatt Barrett: Family

Freshman Tamya Ray: Mom and Sister

Freshman Damien Lowe: Freinds and family

Freshman Gracie Helms: True friends

Freshman Mary Ames: Family

Freshman Boaz Drummond: Family and friends

Freshman Makayla Sargent: True friends and family

Freshman Kaytlin Hill: Broken Chromebook

Freshman Noah Cauthern: Life-sustaining resources

Freshman Mya Martinez: Family

Freshman Jazmine Downs: Family and friends

Freshman Mason Holder: My family and friends

Freshman Cole Wheeler: My family

Freshman Shaylee Adams: Art in the world

Freshman Noah Melton: My family and my friends

Freshman Cheyenne Potter: I’m thankful for my teachers they are really close to me for the most part and they help me with my grades a lot they have been much better from what they were in the past but for the most part that’s what I’m mostly thankful for.

Freshman Lilly Lilly: I’m thankful for the life I was given no matter the tragedies that took place, I’m just glad I have a family that loves me. I’m also thankful for the people who don’t have a family have people trying to help them and they end up becoming their family.

Freshman Zoey Hill: I am mostly thankful for how lucky I am for what I have been given through life. As well as the people I still have with me throughout it all.


Sophomore Beau Ford: yummy food

Sophomore Bryan Smith: Family and friends

Sophomore Joscelin Weik: Friends and family

Sophomore Alexandria Reno: Family and friends

Sophomore Anabelle Hall: Americas a free country

Sophomore Alison Kennedy: Being able to wake up to live another day and the people I have in my life

Sophomore Garrett Rusch: Everything because there are people in the world who have nothing and I get to wake up every single day and see both of my parents as well as get clean drinking water and I also have food to eat every morning where some people have to go days without getting food or water and don’t have a bed or anywhere to sleep.


Junior Layne Huffman: The vocational program and family/ friends

Junior Cole Southerland: Family, friends, and life

Junior Jacob Current: friends

Junior Faith Firle: God, friends, and family

Junior Hailey O’Hara: I’m definitely most thankful to be alive and living and breathing, you can make everyday a really good wonderful day though if you actually look at it. Oh and I’m also definitely most thankful for my wonderful loving family, wouldn’t be the same person I am today without these awesome/amazing people in my life!

Junior Ricky Hindman: The ability to be able to play music with friends and to have a home.

Junior Nicole Wilkinson: I am most thankful for the sport of volleyball. After winning three straight state championships, volleyball has always been my safe place and a place where I can go to clear my head and let go of any stress I’m feeling. And it has given me some of my best friends that I’m most thankful for.


Senior Logan Nash: The unionization of workers enabling them to seize the means of production.

Senior Nicholas Besecker: Family and baseball

Senior Jacob Upchurch: Life, loved ones, school

Senior Alyssa Hicks: My dogs

Senior Molly Welch: I am thankful for my family. They are always the ones that are there for me to rely on. They love me for who I am, with all of my flaws. Without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Senior Abby Hamilton: I’m most thankful for my supportive family and friends

Senior Emily Slavey: My boyfriend’s family for taking me in and treating me like their own



Amanda Batson: Family and friends

Dee Orick: Good Health

Nancy Hamilton: Family

Zachary Lee: Family, friends, job, life

Shalinda Silvers: Friends, family, America being free

Carly Lawson: Family and friends

Susan Wells: God and Friends

Casie Bell: being a teacher

Tami Cox: God

Linda Shore: family and friends

Maria French: I am thankful for God who loves us and has good plans for our lives. I am also thankful for good health for those I love and for myself.

Bill Wesseler: I am thankful for my family and the wonderful students and staff of NCHS!

Kirk Amman: Family, Friends, and our amazing staff and students