Renaissance is changing the culture of NCHS


Grayson Joslin, Editor

One of the numerous clubs at New Castle High School is the Renaissance club. This club wants to change the climate of New Castle High School. Renaissance includes many students, and these students work hard to make New Castle High School a positive environment for everybody.

“The mission of Renaissance is to change the school culture and climate through Respect, Recognition, and Rewards,” Teacher Karen Foster said. Foster is the sponsor of Renaissance.

“Renaissance is a club that honors as many staff and students as possible,” Senior Abby Hamilton said. Hamilton is the vice president of Renaissance.

“Renaissance students look for ways to make the school a better place by being a good example, promoting school spirit, and helping recognize staff,” Foster said.

Renaissance honors the staff, students, and teachers of New Castle High School with various events and functions. These events include the Back to School Rally, the fall and spring Student/Teacher luncheon, the Spirit Rally to close off the Winter Spirit Week, the Renaissance Rally, and the Glow Zone Dance. The club also gives the Staffulty of the Month award, and at the Renaissance Rally in March, Renaissance also presents the Staffulty of the Year award.

“We promote leadership by teaching how to put others before yourself and we encourage people to go out of their way to do the right things,” Senior Cooper Rusch said. Rusch is the president of New Castle High School’s Renaissance club.

New Castle High School’s Renaissance club is part of the Jostens Renaissance Education program. This program has existed for the past twenty-five years, helping high schools across the North American continent “renew their climate and culture,” according to the Jostens website. Schools that implement the Renaissance program have an increased morale and a climate where everyone knows that they matter.

“Teachers and administrators Reinforce achievements and the Results speak for themselves,” Foster said. “This contributes to increased attendance and graduation rates, improved academic performance and behavior, higher teacher retention rates, and a boost in overall school spirit.”

This past summer, Trojan Renaissance members went to the Renaissance National Conference in Orlando, Florida. At the conference, Renaissance members got to hear from various educators and learned new tools and techniques to help change the culture of New Castle High School.

“The national conference this summer was my second time attending a national conference for Renaissance and I learned a bunch of new things each time,” Rusch said. “This summer we really tried to pick up an Ambassadors program, which is a small group of committed leaders within the club already.”

“We learned new ways to recognize students and staff.  We brought back and implemented several ideas,” Foster said.

One of these ideas implemented already this school year is the REN card. This card allows the student to redeem five extra credit points or a homework pass on an assignment.

Renaissance embraces a positive atmosphere where people are recognized and rewarded for their achievements. Get ready, New Castle High School. Renaissance is here to make a change.