NCHS’s Academic Teams are ready to compete this season


Nick Huffman

New Castle High School has five academic teams: English, Science, Social Studies, Math and Fine Arts. These teams compete in events under the jurisdiction of Indiana Academic Super Bowl, which is run by the Indiana Association of School Principals. These teams are all ready for the upcoming season. This year’s theme is the 1920s, which mean that teams are focused on literature, art, music, inventions, and much more from the 1920s.

English & Fine Arts

As many students at NCHS are aware (or at least should be), NCHS has an English academic team. It is led by teacher Kelly Gant, with the students consisting of Molly Welch, Alyssa Hicks, Faith Irwin, and Sarah Gerth, while Fine Arts replaces Sarah Gerth with Cooper Rusch. Both the English and Fine Arts team has six meets. Several of them are practice meets, but some of them will determine either the standings for the Hoosier Heritage Conference or advance to State.

Science Team

The NCHS also has a Science Academic Team. It is led by Chemistry teacher John Thompson, with the students consisting of Lydian Brown, Connor Evans, Andrew Glover, Mathew Gerth, Sarah Gerth, Jonathan Hardwick, and Austin Morgan. I asked them and they said that they get along pretty well. Student Mathew Gerth said and I quote, “There is some challenging material because it’s new, but it’ll get easier as we learn more. We all get along very well.”  The team advanced to State last year. During the practice sessions, they practice questions that they study. The practices are in Mr Thompson’s room after school. The practices consist of reviewing questions and discussing material involved with those questions. Some practices involve having a “mock competition”.

Social Studies Team

NCHS also consists of a Social Studies team. The Social Studies team consists of students Drew Nelson, Benjamin Head, Cooper Rusch, Mary Price, Grayson Joslin, Lydia Harvey, Catherine Hannan, and Carlin Lucas. The Social Studies academic team is coached by teacher Gregory Guffey. The Social Studies Team practices every Thursday after school in room B112, not counting competition weeks. During practice they discuss strategies and various types of questions at a competition. To do this they look over their topic’s notes and books. Although most of the practice is spent going through questions that has been assigned to them, it is a lot of fun with socializing with each other. 

Math Team

At last but not least, the Math academic team. The math team is looking for students that are academically strong in the field of math. They are coached by Math teacher Karen Foster. The team is basically the same as all the other teams. They practice once a week, usually Wednesdays at 7:30 AM and they review material and practice questions. The students get along with each other well.

What’s Going on With the Teams Right Now?

The Academic team competed last night in their first meet of the season.  The English team got in first place and the Interdisciplinary team also got first. The Math and Fine Arts team scored second. Andrew Glover scored first in Math and third in Science. Sarah Gerth got second place in both English and Science. Faith Irwin also got second in English and Science. Conner Evans scored first in English. Austin Morgan scored second in Science and third in Math. Cooper Rusch took first place in Science. Ben Head scored second in Fine Arts. Drew Nelson scored second in Social Studies.

 Students that are in an academic team have reported back mostly good things, with the only “bad thing” is that competing is stressful at the moment. But they have said that they get along great and have fun with each other. The meets are scheduled on January 22 at Union, February 5th at home, February 18 at Blue River, March 5th at Shelbyville, April 14th at Centerville, April 21st at Richmond (district), and May 9th at Purdue (state). Good luck to our academic teams on the upcoming season!