How to become more spirited in school


Grayson Joslin, Editor

As students make their way through high school, a topic that might come up is “school spirit”. What is school spirit? School spirit is mainly showing pride in school and various activities. New Castle High School’s winter spirit week is coming up on the week of February 3-7, so now can be a perfect time for a Trojan to show pride in their school. These following tips might help a student in becoming more spirited in school:

Attend games – One of the easiest ways to become involved in school is by attending games. New Castle High School has many sports teams, including volleyball, basketball, football, swimming, golf, soccer and track and field. At these events you can get in for $5, or free if you have bought the All-Sports Pass from the athletic office, which cost $15. At most of these games you will find New Castle students, so you can sit with them and cheer on the Trojans together! If you ever get to go to a basketball or a football game, you will see the Trojan Fanatic student section in action. They are great supporters of New Castle athletics and know how to cheer with sportsmanship while still having fun.

Get involved with extracurricular activities – New Castle High School is home to many clubs and extracurricular activities. Clubs like Renaissance and Student Government are involved with the school, as Renaissance sponsors Spirit Week and Student Government sponsors Fall Dance. Being part of extracurricular clubs can make a person feel like they are a part of something big and important and that they are making a difference in the school community.

Participate in Spirit Week – As mentioned before, New Castle’s winter Spirit Week will be taking place the week of February 3-7, and will conclude with a mini-rally in the Fieldhouse. The winning class of Spirit Week will be decided through many factors, such as the best hallway, class participation during the dress up days, and audience participation during the mini-rally. Spirit Week brings classes together as each grade dukes it out to see which grade is the most spirited in New Castle High School. Students can increase spirit in his/her grade by encouraging friends to dress up in Spirit Week and to become involved in the many activities during the week. The grade that wins gets bragging rights as the most spirited class in NCHS for the next year.

Practice school spirit throughout the school year – There are some people who only show school spirit during the spirit weeks. In order to become a better student, one must practice school spirit all year long. School spirit doesn’t just mean going to games and cheering in the student section. It is about taking pride in school, and it is telling people why their school is a great place to get an education and have fun while learning. School spirit is getting involved in the school community and being involved with clubs to help make NCHS a better place. Developing a culture of school spirit can make school become a more welcome place for students and a more interactive environment where students are encouraged to take part in school activities.

According to an article written by Dale Hierlmeier for the National Federation of High Schools, spirit “develops naturally, as an instilled byproduct of authentic, genuine and spontaneous participation and involvement. Spirit requires individual commitment., leading to a cumulative effect to the finished product.” 89% of principals, in a study by Varsity Brands, feel that it is important to build school spirit at school and that high levels of school spirit is woven in with high student achievement academically.

Students, high school is an important time in life. Make the most of it by showing your school spirit and showing what it means to be a Trojan.