NCHS band jazzes up music for all to hear


Nick Huffman

New Castle High School’s Band is full of very talented and determined student musicians with tons of potential. With great band directors such as Jonathan Edwards, Chris Glover, and Chris Jolly, NCHS’s band is an amazing place to inspire and build up student-musicians.

NCHS Concert Band

According to the New Castle High School website, the band is “a performance oriented wind and percussion instrument group”. The band’s main objective is to offer students opportunities to develop their full musical potential and expand it by “group participation”. At the beginning of the school year, the band is split into two groups. The students participating in the Trojan Marching Band and the students not participating in TMB play different kinds of music in the band room. 

When marching band season over, wind ensemble auditions are given out. Students are usually given about two weeks to prepare. There are two groups that participate in school, Wind Ensemble and Concert Band. Wind Ensemble has more challenging music while Concert Band has more simple music. While they both are different music wise, both bands have student musicians with a ton of potential.

Jazz band is also an option, while not mandatory. Like NCHS band, Jazz Band is split into two separate groups. Lab Band and Jazz Ensemble. Jazz Ensemble has challenging music and Lab Band has simple music (like Concert Band). The students consist of Nancy Thompson, Andrew Nipp, Andrew Glover, Connor Evans, Ryan Scott, Zoey Pierce, Zack Truit, Cassidy Cooney, Lauren Taylor, Ricky Hindman, Noah Cauthern, Carter Bertsch, Joselyn Ghollier, Zoey Hines, and David Wilkinson. Andrew Nipp says, “We do have fun. Since it’s a smaller group of people, more talking and jokes are tolerated. We’ll laugh when we have a major mess up or something like that. Being able to play Jazz is a fun experience.”

While the Wind Ensemble and Concert Band is going on, mandatory Pep Band is in full swing as well. Pep Band has every band student play at varsity basketball games, both boys and girls. Saxophone player Clayton Conway says, “I’d like to think that I personally can get along with anyone of the people in the Pep band, although there are times when people can get emotional of course but it’s a very emotionally charged atmosphere. My personal favorite part about Pep Band is that it’s an amazing break from the normality of school and a great way to put the band out into the eye of the public.”

Indoor Percussion Ensemble

New Castle High School’s Indoor Percussion Ensemble is full of creative and determined musicians. Students consist of the High School and a few Middle School Percussion members. They rehearse three times a week before and after school. The rehearsals consist of learning and perfecting their show that they work very hard on. Junior Collin Glover says, “We have tons of fun and get a lot of work done, because we are a solid group with great potential.”

NCHS’s Indoor Percussion has three directors. Jonathan Edwards, Chris Glover, and Chris Jolly. Chris Jolly is the person that directs Indoor Percussion. NCHS’s Indoor Percussion placed third in state last year. They perform every Saturday from Mid-February to the beginning of April. 

NCHS’s band is an amazing place for student musicians to be themselves and have an amazing time, while branch out and become the best musicians that they can be.