Alessia Cara

Her new album cover

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Her new album cover

Erin McCullough, Reporter

“Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, FINALLY” sings an eighteen year old female artist who is on the rise to fame trying to capture the listener’s heart and attention. This female artist’s name is Alessia Cara. according to New York Times She is from Brampton, Ontario, Canada. According to GoMoxie,“her musical style takes after artists like Taylor Swift and Rihanna. A mixture between Canadian beats with a hip hop rhythm to collide together in one musical production that has been made public.”

She has a similar style to many other artists. Her beat is similar to Teairra Marí.

Cara’s first mainstream success came in the form of her song “Here.” In this song Cara uses her influence as a musician to spread a positive message. Cara paints a picture of abstinence with her lyrics. She describes a party where people are taking part in illegal or unethical activities. She demonstrates that she would rather be at home away from the party delinquents.

An emerging artist who tries to spread a positive message is refreshing in mainstream culture. Many of the newest trends in music spread a negative message to the listeners. It is a rarity to see an artist get his or her big break and be a positive influence on the listeners. Music needs a message and strong emotion to draw listeners in. Cara has the emotion and message to draw a large fan base. As she is only eighteen years of age Cara has plenty of time to improve her stage presence and create an image for herself. If she can continue to improve herself, she will put herself on the fast track for success. She has a bright future ahead. Alessia Cara can carve out a niche for herself and be a breakout star in the near-future.