Heart in Hurst


Kaleah Cowan, Reporter

Choir Director Matthew Hurst has been gracing our school with wonderful music, joyful smiles, and his beautiful voice since 2014.

Hurst’s  first year at New Castle was in 2014. He teaches both high school and middle school women’s choir. He is been into music since he was little.

“I grew up in the church singing with my mom and grandma, they were both musical. I love singing the hymns in church. That’s what really got me hooked,” Hurst said. As he got older he sang in choir in school and later did musicals.

He decided to teach choir after being pushed by his choir director, Judy Hubbard, in school. He wanted to give it back to other people after being inspired by music so much.

“It’s one of our most valuable assets,” Hurst said. “There are lots of reasons for music. I think the most powerful for most people is an emotional expression, but it also helps communicate what we believe about the world around us. It helps communicate mood. It gives artistic form to thought.”

Hurst also writes his own songs. He wrote a bit in college. He Also learned to play the piano in college.

Emily Thurlow actually sang a song for Hurst called “First Forever”.

“At first it was intimidating and then I got more comfortable. It was fun,” Thurlow said.

Hurst produced an album titled Parts of the Body. The album can be found on Spotify or iTunes. There’s 14 songs on his album. The album is mainly about God and the faith we put in him. “Tear My World Apart” had to be one of my many favorites off the album.