RHB Roars into Battle

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Red Hot Blues won many awards at The Arabian Nights Show Choir meet over at Pendleton. The awards included Best Visuals, Best Vocals, Best Band, and Grand Champions overall.

The theme for the performance was ‘Into Battle.’ Best Visuals included the costumes and the choreography. The costumes were complimented for their creativity. Their choreography was also complimented for how entertaining and energetic it was.

“It’s fun to put together the makeup, hair, and costumes,” said Junior Lilly Fraiser. “And the best part is seeing it come together on stage.

Songs from the performance include “Battle of Jehrico” and “Deliver us Mash Up”, “Pompeii”, “Run to You”,  “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”, “Nothing Like A Dame”, and “Unstoppable” and “The Greatest Mashup”. Each song had a solo, with singers including Sophomore Elizabeth Frost, Freshman Gabe Cauthern, Sophomore Abby Hamilton, Sophomore Grace Burton, Senior DJ Shumaker, Sophomore Carter Witham, and Senior Elijah Tyner.

“It’s great being able to hang out with my friends during and after the concert.” Said Sophmore Luke Carter.

Red Hot Blues won 4 trophies and each student received a medal.

Freshman Rhiannon Pierce was extremely excited about the awards, “I’m really proud of us, and I hope next year we do even better.”


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