HOSA blood drive

Grace Patrick

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Here is some information about the HOSA Blood Drive.

Angie Talbott, one of the instructors for the Health Science Education Program at the New Castle Career Center, is in charge of the HOSA blood drive.

The blood drive is scheduled for February 19th, from 7:30am to 2:30pm. The blood drive is located in the Bundy Auditorium.

This is the their second drive for the year. They had their first Blood Drive in September, and they received 56 unit of blood.

The donors usually consists of career center students; however, the blood drive center invites previous donors with specific blood types that are in high demand. The blood types that are in high demand is A positive, O negative, AB positive, AB negative, B positive, and B negative.

HOSA blood drive takes all blood types so anybody is welcome to sign up.  Individuals can go to the Indiana Blood Center Donor website to sign up for the blood drive, but you have to be 16 years old with parents consent. The website to go sign up is at http://donorpoint.org/donor/schedules/drive_schedule/127027.

There is typically a shortage of blood in the winter because people do not like getting out in the winter weather. There is also a shortage because the winter weather increases demand for blood because of car accidents/traumas.

The blood drive is very beneficial because each unit donated can save up to three lives. Also, donors get a free t-shirt, snacks, find out their blood type and a free mini health assessment, including vital signs.

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