Trojan goes to nationals for second time in a row

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Trojan goes to nationals for second time in a row

Conner McCormick

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New Castle´s very own Katelyn Goodpaster, is once again going to sections for the second time in a row, a very difficult feat to achieve. Goodpaster is on the New Castle speech team and is going to nationals for Big Questions Debate.

¨I am ecstatic to go to Nationals this year; I had such a great time last year, and learned so much, that I can’t wait to see what Dallas has to offer.¨ said Goodpaster. Of course, Goodpaster has had some help along the way, ¨Obviously, there is no way I could have gotten to this point without the mentor-ship and, in some ways even more important, support, of Mrs.{Teacher Susan} Delay. She’s played a major role in shaping me into the speaker and student that I am today; it’s something I could never thank her enough for.¨

Goodpaster has also had some inspiration on here trip to success, ¨ I’m inspired by the woman I want to be. When I’m not sure what to say, I think of how a more grown, experienced me would react. It’s an odd complex to have, I know, but it’s gotten me this far. In terms of my role models for speaking, Cory Booker, a senator and presidential candidate from New Jersey, has always been an inspiration to me. I strive to have the same level of poise, passion, and compassion he exhibits.¨ She also gives a lot of credit to the speech team, ¨ Speech gives me a platform to voice my ideas and make myself known. More than anything, I love the exposure to different people, ideologies, and topics as well as getting to share my own in return in what is a (mostly) respectful environment.¨

Goodpaster is going in confident too, ¨ I wouldn’t say I’m surprised, but that doesn’t mean that I was expecting it to happen. I’ve put years of work into my education, community, and speech team, and I suppose this is the payoff for my efforts. Overall, I feel blessed to be given such an opportunity with the scholarship and honored to place so well in speech, but I am also increasingly proud of myself in a way I never have been before.¨ She has also talked about her view on public speaking in general, ¨I’ve never been afraid of public speaking, and I don’t think anybody else is either. I think what we’re all really afraid of is being judged. I’ve overcome a lot of the fear of judgment from others; I’m stilling working on how I handle when I’m judging myself.¨

Goodpaster still has a long way to go, but she still has a vague idea of what she wants to do, ¨I know for a fact that I will be attending Earlham College this fall to study Environmental Sustainability. Beyond that, I am trying to take life a little easier, take more risks, and see where I go from there. More than anything, my future plans will include whatever it is that is making me happy and helps other people.¨

Goodpaster is practicing for nationals now and will be there very soon. Wish her good luck as she represents New Castle High in Dallas.

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