Billy Ballenger is coming to New Castle High School


Mackenzie Lewis


Billy Ballenger is a man who goes to different schools on a mission to help kids and teens who are hurting and feeling lost in public school systems. Ballenger and his team use different platforms including speaking, music, performing arts, internship, and school assemblies. When doing this, Ballenger wants to portray the importance and values of life. “When we unite together, we give voice to those lost in the shadows and make a life altering change.”

For high school and middle school students, Ballenger talks about how character is a choice, insecurities, poverty doesn’t define you, beauty starts with a heartbeat, save a life or save a friendship, self harm and cutting, cyber bullying and sexting, and suicide is not an option.

¨Break the Grey¨ is the theme that Ballenger and his team have been performing for 14 years.  Ballenger and his team are coming to Henry Country to perform ¨Break the Grey¨ for New Castle High School and Middle School on September 19th.

Billy Ballenger was born in Franklin, Indiana. Ballenger’s parents were mostly absent for his life, along with Ballenger being bullied at school on a daily basis, this led him down the wrong path. Ballenger then got involved with drugs and alcohol. He was buying and selling these items. He was slowly pulling his life apart piece by piece. Ballenger was also known to run away from home. This and then led him to being put into a juvenile detention center. This is where Ballenger found his future wife, Jodie.

When Ballenger was 18 years old, he became a teenage father and a husband. He was still headed down the wrong path. He was involved with partying, dangerous crimes, and violence. On September 12, 1988 Ballenger’s wild lifestyle came to a quick end when S.W.A.T. raided his house while Ballenger was in the bath. The couple were both taken to prison with a sentence for 6 years. Their daughter was only 9 months at the time. While they would plead to the court for an earlier release, the judge would not allow it. Ballenger made a commitment to himself that he we change his was to be a better person for himself, his wife, and his daughter (Mindy). The judge having a sudden change of heart and released the Ballengers one year earlier than their original date. Once out of prison, the Ballengers got their daughter back with no strings attached. They also stuck to their promise of changing their lifestyle and being better people.

This is what started Ballenger’s career as a speaker and what makes him so passionate about everything talking about to all these kids. NCHS is so excited to welcome Billy Ballenger to our school and our community. Get ready because it’s time to break down your walls! The assembly will be held on Thursday, September 19th at most of the NCCSC schools.