Coronavirus: The History and Steps That you can Take to Help Flatten the Curve

Coronavirus: The History and Steps That you can Take to Help Flatten the Curve

Nick Huffman

Covid-19, what can you do to help flatten the curve and protect yourself and others?

Right now, the coronavirus pandemic is extremely popular. The News and other media sources came out with the news that the economy is going to open back up within the next few weeks. My own personal guess is maybe towards the beginning of May that everything will be back to normal. Although we won’t have school and we will continue E-Learning. While the curve is starting to flatten, there’s still a couple things that you and others can do to help flatten the curve and keep yourself and others safe. 

Steps to Take to prevent the virus

For starters, some obvious things are these; stay at home as much as you can, this will help you not catching it and spreading it, keep a safe distance, of course the media and authorities recommend 6ft, wash hands often, like every time you use the bathroom wash your hands (although I hope you washed them after you use the bathroom before this pandemic), and maybe wash them after you go outside, cover your cough, this is something small but it can go a long way. And if you’re experiencing symptoms, make an appointment and get tested AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 

Brief History of the Coronavirus

What some people may not know is that coronaviruses are a big family of different viruses. Some give people the common cold and others affect animals. The virus was first detected in Wuhan, China, in late 2019 and led to a global pandemic. Although this was not the very first time that civilization has heard of the coronavirus. Scientists first identified a human coronavirus in 1965. It caused a common cold. Seven coronaviruses can infect humans. The one that causes SARS emerged in southern China in 2002 and quickly spread to twenty-eight different countries. MERS started in Saudi Arabia in 2012. There are still a few more different coronaviruses.

Although some may not act like it, the coronavirus is a big deal, and will go down in history. There’s several different ways we can help prevent it, and thanks to that the curve is starting to flatten.