Programs that help your future

Erin McCullough, Reporter/Photographer

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College is just around the corner. Now is the time to earn dual credit and take advantage of the weighted grade point average that comes with it. New Castle Career Center programs are a great way to liven up the school day and transcripts. Classes can prepare students for the real job that they would love to achieve after high school or during college. The NCCC presents opportunities to learn valuable skills for the upcoming world.

“The career center has many opportunities for students to learn valuable occupational skills,” said New Castle Career Center Assistant Director Chris Lamb. “Most of our programs offer dual college credits and many classes also offer industry certifications.”

The New Castle vocational program services eight schools from Henry, Wayne, Randolph and Hancock county.

NCCC programs include Broadcasting, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Graphic Design, Dental Careers, EMT and Public Safety, Health and Science Education, Veterinary Science, Computer Operations, Engineering Careers, Education Careers, Facility Maintenance, ICE Cooperative Education, Marketing Sports and Entertainment, Building trades, Machine Trade and Welding.

Cosmetology provides students the knowledge they need to perfect their skills as a cosmetologist. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, clients come in to have facials, manicures and pedicures done so students can earn experience with working with people instead of just mannequins. When a student graduates from this class, they graduate with dual credits and go on to take the state cosmetology exam for licensure.

Junior Maddy Hinshaw said, “I enjoy cosmetology because I want to be the best cosmetologist one day in the future.”

The welding program offers experience in grinding and welding metals. This class allows students to earn American Welding Society certifications depending on how many processes they achieve throughout the year. Dual credits opportunities are also available. The goal is to rebuild America.

Junior Kyle Pratt, who is in welding technologies, said, “I enjoy welding because I can rebuild America, and it is the profession I wish to continue.”

The culinary arts program teaches students to safely prepare food and cater different events for the students future profession. Students in this program recently participated in the Day of Caring. They baked cookies for all of the volunteers. By participating in this program, a student graduates with dual credit and ServSafe certification.

Engineering classes offer a variety of experiences, such as racing and robotics. This program is a dual credit class and provides students with a computer-aided Design certification. The graphic design class focuses on the computer program Illustrator and helps students make designs for their own assignment. The class also helps students learn the art of advertising. Students in this program earn the Adobe Illustrator industry certification.

“I enjoy graphic design because we get to design products for other companies,” said senior Jonathan Miller.

Hunter Rose, a senior in the computer operations program, is earning college credits and Microsoft certifications while learning networking fundamentals.

“I enjoy this class because I get to learn and work on computer fundamentals, and some day go into this kind of profession,” Rose said.

The dental career program allows students to work in a dental office and apply classroom skills to a real life profession. Senior Sydney Burris hopes to use these skills to work on kids teeth after graduating.

The broadcasting program is offered in Knightstown where students work at a live radio station WKPW. Broadcasting is taught by teacher Mike York. York mentors students in the intricacies of broadcasting to include announcing, writing news and sports, recording, engineering studio projects, and programming music.

Senior Matthew Sarten said, “I enjoy Broadcasting because it helps me prepare for the telecommunications job in the United States Navy.”

Melody Warner teaches her veterinary sciences students to handle animals with care and how to do procedures that will be used in the veterinary profession. This program is a dual credit class and students receive certification in American Association for Laboratory Animal Science.

“Career Center upgraded the machine trades lab with $175,000 worth of new equipment and room upgrades. Additionally, Crown Equipment donated $10,000 for training equipment,” said Career Center Director Robert Hobbs.

The New Castle Career Center is hosting a public open house of the new machine trades classroom from 3:30-6 p.m. Oct. 15. For more information on the open house or any of the career classes, visit or call the NCCC office at 765-593-6680.

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Programs that help your future