Pros and cons to music in school

Megan Gustin, Emily guffey, Reporters

Pros for music in school

by Megan Gustin

Music in school can be very beneficial in schools. Most students enjoy listening to music; it can stimulate the brain and make students more focused and able to work more efficiently. There are many benefits of listening to music in school.

“I believe listening to music in school helps because when it comes to studying sometimes I fall asleep and music helps me stay awake,” says Junior Catherine Brock, “I also focus way better when I am listening to music. I do not always like to listen to music when I am studying, but I have noticed the difference it makes for me.”

Music can do so many great things to help a student study. Music is a great source for students who are trying to work hard and focus. Students should be allowed to listen to music freely in school because grades will go up. Many students will also be less stressed and happier at school.

Cons for music in school

by Emily Guffey

Having music in school can, however, lead to some problems. Students may be more interested in their music than in their teacher. Music can also be a distraction for other students as well. Listening to music while reading a book, especially music that includes lyrics, can hurt a person’s reading comprehension. There is another problem described as the ‘irrelevant sound effect’.

In 2010, a study by Doctor Nick Perham of the School of Health Sciences at the University of Wales Institute found that background noises can impair a person’s memory. A person was given a set of numbers and was asked to repeat them back while listening to different kinds of background music. If the music has acoustic variation, or variation in the sounds, a person’s memory will be impaired. Steady state sounds, or sounds with very little change in its acoustic range will not impair a person’s memory as severely.

Serial Recall, or the ability to recall numbers, can also be affected by listening to music. Such simple things as memorizing and recognizing phone numbers, remembering math lessons, or even learning a new language can become extremely difficult.

Studies, such as the one by Doctor Perham suggest listening to music BEFORE working or studying, or doing an activity you enjoy, such as listening to music or going outside can help a person relax and ‘mellow out’ before going to work can help get him or her focused.