Origin of Christmas


Christmas traditions

Erin McCullough, Reporter

Everyone knows Santa is coming to town soon, so here is some background about the wonderful joys of Christmas. December twenty-fifth is the day when families come together and enjoy each others company. The joy of children laughing and being with their families is just another simple part of this holiday that people and students enjoy.

Sophomore Tiffany Gwinn said, “Christianity started the Christmas holiday and it’s also the celebration of Jesus’s birth.”

According to Why Christmas, “The first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated on December 25th was in 336 AD, during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine (the first Christian Roman Emperor).” It was the day that had Christian and Pagan background to it. The Christians have their belief that it was the day Jesus was born. Pagan’s were converted to Christians during the time of celebrating his birth.

According to History.com December twenty-fifth the day of Christmas, has been a holiday in the United States since 1870. This whole holiday was started by the Christian religion as a celebration of the day that Jesus was born. Most families have different traditions when they celebrate this joyous holiday. Right after Thanksgiving the lights go up and the Christmas carols are blaring through the radio waves.

Sophomore Katie Gwinn, “We usually have cake to celebrate Jesus’s birth and then we spend the whole day together.”

Kids and families celebrate a snow-covered Christmas by building snowmen and snowball fights. After all that is done the whole family goes in to warm up and do what they wish to finish off the night. Christmas is all about family and enjoying the loved ones and the lost ones. Christmas is coming up quick. Enjoy your family as much as you can. Christmas is a heartwarming holiday