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Diet V.S. Regular Soda

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There are many different pros and cons of diet sodas. There’s factual evidence stating that it can be dangerous or unhealthy and evidence that it could really decrease obesity rates. Also, there is opinion based pros and cons such as “It tastes better”.

Factual pros and cons will be listed below.

Pros to drinking diet sodas are they are made with either less calories or no calories which benefits diabetic people and people with weight loss issues. Diet sodas contain no high fructose corn syrup or added sugar. Some may consider it to be healthy.

Freshman Amyiah Pribble says, “Diet drinks are not very good. They say they are better for you. But I don’t think they are.”

Cons to drinking diet sodas can cause strokes and heart attacks. According to the study of diet sodas, they discovered that normal sodas does not have the same effect. It was also proven that drinking diet sodas everyday can cause metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes. Lastly, the whole point of drinking diet soda is to lose weight, right? Sadly, the artificial sugars in soda can confuse the body’s managing calories and sugars skill. By tasting something sweet, the brain sends signals to the body saying its sugar, when it’s not.

Sophomore Ashlyn Hurley said, “I have a love hate relationship with diet drinks. I love them for weight lose but what else am I losing?”

The choice depends on the buyer. Make the smart choice when it comes to your prefered drink.

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Diet V.S. Regular Soda