Student on the Benefits of Meditation

Jasper Locke

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Most will agree that a calm state of mind is the ideal for any situation. Being able to prioritize tasks and organize thoughts is vital to success in any field. Unfortunately, while many realize this is often the case, they do not understand how to achieve stability. Sophomore Alyssa Bodenhammer, someone who practices meditation on a regular basis, explains the many active benefits and wishes to share them with those who might need it.

According to Bodenhammer, one of the primary benefits of meditation is being able to stay calm in bad situations. She says she feels much calmer and less prone to aggression. It is also much easier for her to manage stress and work around problems.

So, how can one meditate? Another benefit to meditation is how customizable it is to the individual. Bodenhammer says there is no specific way to do meditation. In fact, she says that meditation is a personal method. It is important that one finds a quiet area where they can be alone for a while, such as a basement, bedroom, or even somewhere outside. Anywhere that is relaxing and silent is great for meditation. If a quiet space is not available, she says that listening to calm music is a great alternative. Sometimes, people who meditate will tailor an area specifically for meditation by doing things such as lighting pleasantly scented candles or or playing music.

Once an area is ready, the real meditation can begin. As previously mentioned, the method of meditating can change greatly from individual to individual. This may depend upon their purpose for meditating. For example, someone who is meditating to relieve stress may try to empty their mind of stressful thoughts in a relaxing way. At times, it can be easy to forget that anxieties are often much worse than real situations, especially for students! Meditating can help one realize that sometimes anxiety can be elevated to unreasonable levels just by focusing on what makes them so worried in the first place.

Students especially can understand that having a good mindset heading into their day is important for success. Meditation is a great method to regaining focus on goals and letting go of unnecessary stress.


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