November 2017 Horoscopes

Jasper Locke

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Aries : Stay away from negative influences this month, your biggest focus should be your family.

Taurus : It may be advantageous for you to stay in-tune with how your friends are feeling this month, and to spend more time considering others’ struggles.

Gemini : Find your creative outlet and channel positive energy into it, rather than relying on unhealthy coping skills.

Cancer : Don’t let your impulses control you this month. Instead, think for the future.

Leo : Surround yourself with positive energy this month and take care of yourself.

Virgo : Your friendship opportunities may overwhelm you. Be careful to put your work first this month.

Libra : Find balance in your work and social life. Both will require your attention this month.

Scorpio : Organization is the key to getting yourself through this month.

Sagittarius : Others may take advantage of your freedom this month — remember to be assertive.

Capricorn : Be careful of those that bring a negative influence to your life this month.

Aquarius : Making goals for yourself will bring you to great success this month.

Pisces : Solitude will be your greatest medicine this month.

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