A Letter To Freshmen

Jasper Locke

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Dear Freshmen,

May I begin with saying that the purpose of this letter is, ultimately, to help you succeed in your high school career. The finest piece of advice I can provide will be essential to high achievement throughout your time at New Castle High School. This most valuable nugget of wisdom can be solely expressed in just three words: don’t be smelly. By the time this freshman class moves into the senior status, you will understand what I mean when I say this. Four years of sitting in classrooms with the latent stench of a dying walrus becomes absolute agony. By the end of the last semester, every stinking room a senior enters just furthers the ailment of senioritis.

Additionally, most seniors will provide wisdoms such as “walk on the right side of the hallway,” “know your place in the food chain,” and possibly most vital, “be quieter.” What is more infuriating than walking behind a horde of freshman as they lumber about, participating in never-ending chatter and squealing endlessly about dubious extracurricular activities?

Of course, being a freshman is not all bad. Perhaps the best point of being a freshman is what is most obvious: any freshman can live with the comfort that their first year will be over soon enough. Another bit of advice I can provide to any freshman in need is to ignore everyone and get good grades. I cannot imagine a worse fate than that of being held back to endure one’s first year of high school not once, but twice. Avoiding the scent trails of your fellow freshmen and sticking your nose in your own business gives an easy path for excellent grades.

So, to the up-and-coming freshman, as well as those that have already experienced that awful first year, I say, these things with the best of intentions, through what I have also learned from my time in high school.


Sincerely, A Senior

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