Abortion- pro-life

Gabe Evans

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     Everyone has someone in their life that they’ve known since birth. Whether it’s someone younger in there family or a close family friend. Some younger siblings or cousins can change your life in a good way. But if that person wasn’t in your life because of abortion, how badly would your life had changed? Abortion is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy. Abortion is immoral and wrong.

     The heart starts to beat at week 6. After the eighth week of pregnancy a baby is considered a fetus until it is born. At this point the embryo is considered a baby or a fetus. The fetus is considered a human now. That means there is a separate human being developing inside the human body. Although the baby can’t speak, it has human rights because it is human, and no one should be allowed to take away someone’s rights or life before they even get the chance.  There is a Hippocratic Oath that is traditionally taken by doctors when they are being sworn into medicine. Both the classic and the new Oath state that doctors are not allowed to perform an abortion. The old oath states that: “I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion.” in 1964 a new oath was written and it still states that doctors will not perform an abortion. The new oath states: “Above all, I must not play at God.” Many religions actually ban Abortion overall like Buddhism because it is the destroying of a life. In Hinduism it is banned across many places because they believe it is a violation of the holy text Kitakyushu Upanishads. For Christianity abortion is considered a sin and is not approved by god in many ways. Abortion is seen as a violation of the sixth commandment of the Bible’s Old Testament, “Thou shalt not kill”. So therefore most Christians if not all view abortion as a sin. Now, there are selective abortions that you are given the choice to have if the doctors find an something abnormal with the baby. A common abnormal trait of a baby that is aborted is down syndrome. A baby should not be killed for having a disability especially with something like down syndrome. People with down Syndrome can live very fulfilling lives. A simpler point is just that if people are ready to have unsafe sex then they should be ready to take care of a baby. If someone is raped and gets pregnant, she can either take care of the baby or put it up for adoption. But the chances of getting pregnant because of rape is only a 5% chance according to the Scientific American. Another point is that, by getting an abortion you are getting rid of the possibility to bring an amazing person into the world. You could have possibly given birth to a child that later on in its life will change lives for the better or save lives.

      In conclusion, Abortion should be illegal for many reasons. The decision to have an abortion is a tough decision. I’m not saying that anyone who has had an abortion is a monster. I just hope people heavily consider what they are doing and hopefully find another way. Some countries have full on banned abortions, but america has not done so. We need to protect our youth and love them no matter what.

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