Fun days in March


White word MARCH on green background. New year illustration. 3d illustration

March is finally here and with many fun days ahead to remember. Here are just some of the many upcoming days of March that have a fun twist to them.

March 1st is ¨National Pig Day,¨ this day is to celebrate and thank domesticated pigs. This day is celebrated by zoos, which have snort-offs, and online pig-chats. Make sure you go to the zoo on March 1st and put the date on your calendar.

March 4th is called ¨Holy Experiment Day.¨ This day is all about trying something new, specifically something religious. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, a simple prayer for someone or saying grace when you normally don’t are great ways to participate during this day.

March 10th, is definitely going to be hard to participate in. March 10 is known as ¨International Find a Payphone Day,¨ it’s pretty hard to find a payphone in today’s world, so if you´re up for the challenge, try finding a payphone.

March 16th, is ¨Everything You Do is Right Day.¨ Have you ever just wanted a perfect day? This is your day then, in a world with ups and downs, you can expect a good day on this one.

March 22nd is probably a fan favorite, its ¨National Goof-Off Day.¨ This is the day that you do anything you want, except for what your supposed to do. Hopefully you don’t get in any trouble, but you should hang out with your friends and play some games on this day.

March 26th will be easy, the holiday today is literally, anything you want! The 26th is known as ¨Make Your Own Holiday Day,¨ it’s supposed to be a day about anything you want to get recognition that maybe doesn´t.

March 31st will be a well known day, it is known as ¨Bunsen Burner Day.¨ This day is in memory of the creator of the Bunsen Burner, who was born on March 31st. Make sure you remind your science teacher about this day.