Why should students get involved in government and politics?

Grayson Joslin

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Most high school students degrade politics as old men arguing over nothing. However, politics is more than that. Politics shape the foundation our society is based upon. Now, more than ever, the teenagers and young adults of Generation Z have involved themselves in the government, pressing for changes at the local, state and national level.

At this moment, the current picture of politics in this nation is messy, to say the least. There are ways that high school students can help conduct change in the government. The biggest and easiest way to get involved is to vote in city, state and national elections. Voting in elections is a basic duty every American citizen has from the moment that turn eighteen years of age. On the base, the United States is a democracy. Your vote really does matter.  Indiana ranks among the worst in voter turnout in the nation. Voting is an important duty, and, every person should exercise the right to influence who represents us in the political arena.

Students can also get involves by activism. This has become prevalent in the past thirteen months, after the Stoneman Douglas massacre. The survivors of the shooting organized Never Again MSD, who successfully lobbied for gun control in their home state of Florida. The survivors also organized a national-walk out day to coordinate with the 19-year mark of the Columbine massacre. New Castle High School’s United Voices group participated in a demonstration in the Fieldhouse on that day, with an estimated 500 students taking place.

Students can get involved by writing to their Congressperson and Senator in Washington D.C., the members of the General Assembly in Indianapolis, and their mayor and city council to initiate change. People get into government because something they love leads them there. It might be teacher pay, gun reform, environmental change, etc. It helps people see the world at large. It makes people become more involved. Getting involved helps people become better communicators. Overall, everyone should be involved in government in some way. Only if you vote in presidential elections are doing your duty as a citizen and taking part in a government by the people, for the people.


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