Spring Break Survey!


Grayson Joslin

We are now close to Spring Break 2019. The staff of NC Phoenix have sent out a survey to the student body of the High School and we have collected the answers on your plans for Spring Break.

Most students plan on staying home for the two weeks of spring break, with a whopping 72.8% saying that they do not plan on going on vacation and play on staying in New Castle. 13.2% of people have said that they are going to Florida for break. 6.1% of people plan on vacationing in Tennessee, 3.1% plan on going somewhere in South Carolina, 2.6% are going to California and 2.2% of people are going to Arizona.

For the people who are not vacationing, we asked them where they would want to go if they had the chance. 46.8% said that they would want to go to Florida on vacation this year, 29.3% want to travel to the Empire State, New York, 12.8% want to go to Tennessee, and 11.2% want to vacation in South Carolina.

Cruises are especially fun, so we asked students if they would enjoy going on a cruise. 81.2% of people would enjoy going on a cruise, while 18.8% of people would not want to go on a cruise.

For the last question, we asked students what they liked to do on vacation. 53.4% of people enjoy going to the beach the most, while 17.2% of people enjoy sleeping on vacation the most. 13.8% of people enjoy eating at local restaurants, 10.8% like to go shopping, and 4.7% enjoy some peace and quiet and would like to read a book on vacation.

No matter if you are staying home or if you are going to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the NC Phoenix wishes you a happy and safe spring break!