Should physical education be required for all four years?

Conner McCormick

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In today’s world, physical education is not as highly regarded as it used to be. Today, grading is based on effort and is only taken for two of the four years in high school. With the health of students at thought, should physical education be required for all four years?

When looking on the pro side, physical education is much needed for teens. It can help with growth and hopefully inspire students to be more fit. Aside from just fitness, physical education can help you in the classroom and help you have better test scores.

On the con side, is physical education that important. Everyone who has, or is taking P.E. can notice some things that seem very unimportant or useless to them. Sophomore Nathan Jones said, ¨I think P.E. shouldn’t be required all 4 years of high school but if you would like to take it all four years it should be offered.¨ So perhaps it should not be required but at least have it as an option if you want to take it.

In conclusion, whether you are pro or con, everyone can agree that physical education is important and needed for teens today. The school should have P.E. as perhaps an option for all four years. If you want to have P.E. for all four years, maybe try some of the others physical options.

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